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Our Mission:

Win Back Democracy



Our Mission

In an era where corporations buy elections and elected officials, we are here to bring voice back to the common people. Through changes to campaign finance law, we can return to a system of elections that ensures that the interests of the people are represented.

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As a member of the working class, Anthony Sarno is familiar with its struggles. Wages are stagnant, medical care has growing costs, and student loan debt is crippling our economy, with no end in sight. Anthony Sarno would support legislation that would help working families.


campaign finance reform

Private interests have far too much control over our elected officials due to the current system of campaign finance. If our elected officials are dependent on large donations from corporations to get elected, they don't truly represent us.

LGBT Rights

Hate crime legislation in the State of New York does not punish those who would target transgender individuals. This is abhorrent, and not representative of our great state. It must be rectified.


The Excelsior program is an excellent start. We can further build on its merit by expanding access to the program and including funding for vocational programs.

Medical access and costs

The New York State Assembly has repeatedly passed a Single Payer health care bill, but it has repeatedly failed to pass the New York State Senate. A single payer system is the best way to control rising health care costs, and to ensure access to medical care for all New Yorkers.


Get Involved

Corporations and corporate candidates have a financial advantage; what we have is you. We believe that we're stronger together than apart, and that if we come together we can bring about great change.


Volunteer opportunities

If you believe in taking back our government from private interests, this is your chance to fight back.

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We won't accept any corporate donations. As a result, we need to finance Anthony Sarno's campaign with donations from you.