Campaign Finance Reform

We believe that corporations are not people, and as such, do not have the right to influence our elections. Corporations are legal entities, not living ones, and are only entitled to the rights that we grant them. We must remove corporate influence from our elections, so that our elected officials are serving the people, not the corporate donors they become dependent upon to keep their seats.


Medical Care

The New York State Assembly has repeatedly passed the New York Health Act, a single-payer system for the State of New York. Currently, over four million New Yorkers do not have access to insurance.

Analysis of the plan shows that any individual or family making under $400,000 annually would save money, while adding over 200,000 new jobs to the state's economy, while cutting down waste and universally covering New Yorkers.


LGBT Rights

Hate crime legislation in the State of New York does not punish those who would target transgender individuals. This is abhorrent, and not representative of our great state. It must be rectified.



The Excelsior program is an excellent start. We can further build on its merit by expanding access to the program and including funding for vocational programs.

In addition, our teachers are doing excellent work; New York's graduation rate has risen by over 12 percent in the past decade. We must continue to give teachers and schools the financial aid that they require in order to keep our educational success rate rising.